Dylan’s Candy Bar – Five Sweet Finds

My sweet tooth and I visited Dylan’s Candy Bar a few times in the last month. It’s always fun weaving through their colorful, sugar filled displays seeing what’s new, what’s bizarre or what’s gonna be my next big Snack Fixation.

This time there’s a display of Angry Birds Fruit Gummies and Fruit Ninja Red Belt Sour Gummies.

Honestly I’m a little over both of games, but I’m a sucker for fun, colorful packaging – cartoon characters included… even better – so there’s a real chance the next challenge for these Angry Birds will be finding their way out of my stomach.

What I do wanna see is a Kingdom Rush gummy candy! Who can make that happen?

The next table display that got my attention offers your mouth the opportunity to pick a side in the upcoming election.

Of course there’s always less confrontational ways of satisfying your sweet tooth like a huge assortment of the ‘90’s favorite Jelly Belly jelly beans. My flavor of choice is blueberry so those would be the first to disappear.

This next candy really doesn’t need an introduction because it’s BACON! But why is it Strawberry flavored? What’s wrong makin’ it taste like real bacon?

Finally, the world of Hogwarts inspires chewing gum with these hotdog, peanut or beer flavored gumballs. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this anomaly.

If you would like to explore Dylan’s Candy Bar and find something unique yourself, visit them online or their stores in New York City, East Hampton, Houston, Miami Beach or Los Angeles.

Let me know if you find something, I should be talkin’ about!

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