NEW SKINNY COW Creamy Iced Coffee

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December. January. February. Three months of the year where my half marathon training is forced to slow down – due to holidays, weather, and a touch of laziness. Since my runs either get shorter or fewer; I lean on smart, indulgent snacks like SKINNY COW Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy and these NEW Mocha Latte Flavor Creamy Iced Coffee to get Back to Balance.

Delicious Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee - #BackToBalance #Ad - 600px
My next half marathon is scheduled for the first weekend in May. That means – between now and March – I’ll be running in a snowy, icy Riverside Park.

Snowy and Icy Riverside Park
Runs will be shorter in distance (3-4 miles), and probably only a couple times a week. I won’t burn as many calories as I normally do.

Pulling Clint through the snow - #BackToBalance #Ad
I wish pulling my little boy through the snow would eliminate the rest… but it doesn’t.

Skinny Cow Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy on the couch - 800px - #BackToBalance #ad
While I slouch on my runs for the next month, I’ll frequently snack on Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy at night when watching my favorite winter shows like Justified, Archer, and Episodes.

Introduced to me by Walt & Liz, Diving Caramels are a Snack Fixation going on 2 years.

I enjoy them all year long, but more so at this time of year.

I keep Skinny Cow Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy in the fridge - #BackToBalance #Ad
I keep mine chilled in the fridge so they *snap* when I bite into them. Love ‘em crunchy.

Skinny Cow Divine Caramel Filled Chocolatey Candy - #BackToBalance #Ad
These caramels aren’t the easiest to find in Manhattan though. Upper West Side grocery and drug stores can’t keep on the shelf. Most of the time, I stock up on them at Walmart.

Skinny Cow Divine Caramels can be found in the candy aisle at Walmart - #BackToBalance #Ad
They can be found in the candy aisle… just past the pharmacy… but before the refrigerated milk units.

Skinny Cow tasting at Walmart - #BackToBalance #Ad
On my most recent trip to the superstore, SKINNY COW held a tasting where I got the opportunity to sample some of their other tasty treats – including the NEW Creamy Iced Coffees. Ha! Another delicious way to both treat myself and get Back to Balance.

Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee flavors - 2 - #BackToBalance #ad
They come in three flavors – Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte and Creamy Cappuccino.

Checking my emails while drinking Skinny Cow Iced Coffee - #BackToBalance #Ad - 800px
I enjoy the rich, creamy Mocha Latte flavor when I get on the computer in the morning. It’s only 120 calories.

Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Demo - #BackToBalance #Ad
SKINNY COW Iced Coffees are so new at Walmart, they are tricky to find. Even the super nice gals stocking the shelves weren’t quite sure where they were located in the store.

Skinny Milk Iced Coffee is located with Refrigerated Milk at Walmart - #BackToBalance #ad
My local Walmart keeps their stock of SKINNY COW Iced Coffee inside those refrigerated milk units on the bottom shelf – straight back, past the pharmacy and candy aisles.

120 Calorie Skinny Cow Iced Coffee - #BackToBalance #Ad - 800px
Keep your eyes peeled though! Since January 15, SKINNY COW Iced Coffees are sold in the coolers at the front of Walmart. Very grab and go!

What are your favorite SKINNY COW treats? Is it one of the chocolatey candies like the Dreamy Clusters? Or maybe, it’s a frozen snack like the Vanilla Almond Crunch Dipped Bars? Let me know in the comments section below! I’m always interested in trying another awesome SKINNY COW treat for the first time.


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