Westin Washington DC City Center

Lemme me tell you… the Westin Washington DC City Center is a great hotel to plan a long weekend around, in our nation’s capital. Especially, if you’re building a trip where you spend half the weekend seeing the historic sights in DC; and the other half out at College Park watching your favorite college team play the Maryland Terrapins.

The Westin Washington DC City Center hotel
A few weeks ago, I did that very thing when my Ohio State Buckeyes were in College Park to play The University of Maryland.

The Westin City Center lobby
The Westin City Center invited me to stay at their hotel, and enjoy everything their 406-room property has offer.

Here’s what I loved about my trip, and how the Westin turned out to be the perfect place for my sightseeing/football weekend in DC.


Staying at the Westin City Center is basically sleeping in a brand spankin’ new hotel. It just went under a complete property transformation.

The Westin City Center entrance
They renovated the guest-rooms… there’s an exciting new dining option… and the lobby and public spaces are completely redesigned.

Westin Heavenly Beds
Every guest-room and suite features those world-renowned Heavenly Beds I’ve enjoyed at other Westin hotels over the years. Talk about a comatose night of sleep. If you haven’t slept in one, wait until you do. I’m a guy that likes to catch some Zzzzzzz’s, and would love to do nothing more than waste an entire day napping; eating room service; and watching football and movies from one of these Westin beds.

Heavenly Shower at the Westin City Center
Something that was completely new to me on this stay at the Westin – the Heavenly Showers. I could stand under this rainfall shower head until I use up all the hotel’s hot water.

The 50 inch flat screen in the guest rooms at the Westin Washington DC City Center
Before I stop bragging about the room, lets admire the 50-inch LED TV…

The Parfait and Fresh Juice for Breakfast at the Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
And the delicious House Made Granola, Berry & Yogurt Parfait with fresh watermelon and cantaloupe juice from the In-Room Dining Menu.


Speaking of grub, there’s no shortage of good places to eat in the area around the Westin City Center… at all.

The Fringetree restaurant inside Westin Washington DC City Center
There’s all those restaurants on 14th Street NW, but the first place to consider dining is FRINGETREE – the outstanding new restaurant and lounge in the lobby floor of the Westin.

I know how good it is because I was treated to an excellent meal upon my arrival. Executive Chef Felix Nunes served up plate after plate of delicious appetizers, entrées and desserts.

Garlic Shrimp from Fringetree inside the Westin City Center
Do you love sopping up delicious garlicky seafood broths with tasty toasted bread? Then you will love the Garlic Shrimp appetizer. It was so good.

Tuna Tacos from the Fringetree inside the Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
Selecting the Garlic Shrimp isn’t an easy choice though with that freaking GREAT spicy Tuna Taco appetizer on the menu too. It’s a “must eat” at FRINGETREE in my opinion. If I worked in the neighborhood, I would do the same as many of the locals do. I would come and dine with the FRINGETREE at lunch. I would then order the Garlic Shrimp as an appetizer… and the Tuna Taco as an entrée.

The Scallops from Fringetree inside the Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
As for the entrées … that are actually entrées … the Seared Diver Scallops might be the prettiest plate of scallops I’ve ever been served… and boy, were they delicious. They were perfectly prepared as you can easily see.

72 Hours Seared Beef Short Rib from Fringetree inside Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
The beef lover in me was in heaven when Chef Felix surprised me with a second entrée – the 72 Hours Seared Beef Short Ribs. So good. Especially with that cream polenta on the side. Goodness gracious.

Panna Cotta from Fringetree inside Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
As for dessert, one can’t go wrong ordering the Mixed Berry Panna Cotta…

Chocolate Bundt Cake from Fringetree inside the Westin City Center
The Chocolate Bundt Cake with a chocolaty molten center…

banana and mango mille feuille from Fringetree inside Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
Or the creatively crispy Banana & Mango Mille Feuille.

The outside of Teds Bulletin on 14th Street NW
For those meals you don’t eat at the hotel, 14th St NW is right outside the Westin. That’s where you can find several blocks worth of awesome dining choices like Ted’s Bulletin for example.

Homemade poptarts from Teds Bulletin
For months, I’ve been wanting to try their much talked-about homemade Pop-Tarts. They were as good as the praise they receive.


I mentioned before the Westin City Center was perfectly located in Washington DC for two purposes of mine.

The first being… I was able to check out some historic sights within just a few blocks of the hotel on the day of my arrival.

The Westin Washington DC City Center is conveniently located blocks from the White House
Like the White House…

The Westin Washington DC City Center is conveniently located blocks away from the Washington Memorial
And Washington Monument before going to dinner Friday night on 14th Street NW.

The second… I could get from the Westin City Center to the Ohio State vs Maryland game at College Park, easily.

The Westin Washington DC City Center is a short walk to the subway line to College Park
I walked six – very short – blocks from the hotel on M Street to the Mt Vernon Sq 7th St-Convention Center subway station. This was a pretty five minute walk from the Westin.

Transportation from College Park subway to Byrd Stadium
From there, it was 20 minutes on the subway to College Park station where the university had buses transporting fans to Byrd Stadium.

Roughly, it was 45 minutes from hotel to stadium. This is faster than I can get to Citi Field from my apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

Thanks to the Westin concierge for show me the fastest way to the stadium as well. His advice saved me roughly 20 minutes.

Byrd Stadium at College Park Maryland
As for the game, The University of Maryland has a beautiful campus, and Byrd Stadium was a good place to watch Ohio State win their Big Ten season opener against the Terps.

Concessions at Byrd Stadium
Oh! I liked the concessions at the stadium too. Especially, since they serve Pepsi!


Sun setting over Westin Washington DC City Center - 800px
Interested in a future trip to Washington DC, and maybe a stay at the conveniently located… and extremely comfortable… Westin Washington DC City Center?

Start planning your trip by visiting the Westin City Center website >>> HERE.

There, you can do more than book a room. For example… you can check out a CALENDAR OF DC EVENTS; get LOCAL RESTAURANT RECOMMENDATIONS; and find SPECIAL OFFERS & PACKAGES at the Westin.

Have a great time, and let me know what good food you find to eat.


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