Honey Whiskey Cake from The Brooklyn Baking Barons

I love Instagram. I meet a lot of good people through it – for example, Tony from The Brooklyn Baking Barons. He and his partner, Chris, are the creators of the Honey Whiskey Cake that’s featured on the dessert menu at Greensquare Tavern in New York.

Matter of fact, all the desserts on the tavern’s menu are from Tony and Chris’ rising (pun not intended) Brooklyn bakery that’s LESS than a year old.

Tony from The Brooklyn Baking Barons, Greensquare Tavern
Last week, Tony – who is also the bartender at Greensquare – kindly invited me to lunch at the tavern and sample his Honey Whiskey Cake.

Before trying his dessert, he and the folks at Greensquare – a farm to table restaurant – spoiled me with delicious cocktails, beer… and an excellent lunch.

Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Fizz, cocktail, greensquare tavern, the great summer cocktail contest, ediblemanhattan.com
Tony’s Strawberry-Rhubarb Gin Fizz – his raspberry version is a contender in The Great Summer Cocktail Contest – was really refreshing, and the kind of cocktail I could drink all day/night because it doesn’t have a crazy strong alcohol taste.

After that, Greensquare Tavern treated me to one good plate of food after another.

greensquare tavern, new york city, tomato fennel soup, tomato soup
It started with the creamy Tomato Fennel soup which everyone should order if it’s the soup-of-the-day. It’s outstanding. I would have this again in heartbeat.

beet salad, greensquare tavern, new york city
The Beet Salad – that followed – was a colorful plate of food with surprisingly delicious FRIED blue cheese croutons – something I might try making at home because they were so good.

flatiron sandwich, greensquare tavern, new york city, flatiron retaurants, new york city restaurants
Then, I took Tony’s advice and chose maybe the most popular… and deservedly so… item on the menu – the Flatiron.

This enormous sandwich is grilled organic chicken breast, roasted red peppers, farmer cheese, and an outstanding pesto on a soft, yet crunchy roll.

flatiron sandwich, greensquare tavern, new york city, nyc, organic chicken breast sandwich
Goodness gracious, was that chicken breast moist. In the future, whenever I think of a perfectly cooked chicken breast… this will be the one.

And like I mentioned before, this was a big honkin’ sandwich… so I took the other half home and enjoyed it the next day. Keep in mind, I’m not a big fan of doggy bagging food but this sandwich was worth finishing.

honey whiskey cake, honey whiskey bundt cake, jack daniel's tennessee honey whiskey dessert, greensquare tavern, new york city
Finally, it was time for dessert and Honey Whiskey Cake from The Brooklyn Baking Barons. This bundt cake – covered and soaked in a rich Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey glaze – was as good as Tony promised. It’s the rock star of the dessert menu.

It was moist, indulgent, crunchy (thanks to the nutty topping) and uniquely flavorful. I can see why people walk into Greensquare Tavern solely to buy the Honey Whiskey Cake. Heck, one woman left with 4 cakes on the day of my lunch so she could enjoy them at home. That’s a Snack Fixation!

There are three different ways to get your hands on a Honey Whiskey Cake. The first is to dine with Greensquare Tavern. The second way is purchasing them from Wayside. Finally… for those who don’t live in New York, they can order them via email at bkbarons @ gmail .com. Pardon the spaces, trying to save them some spam :)

greensquare tavern, new york city
Well, that was my awesome lunch at Greensquare Tavern. I highly suggest ordering everything I mentioned above when eating at the Flatiron area restaurant.

Many, many sincere thanks to Tony of The Brooklyn Baking Barons and Greensquare for treating me to all this deliciousness.

Greensquare Tavern – 5 W 21st St (b/t 5th Avenue and The Avenue of the Americas), New York, NY 10010  |  (212) 929-2468

Note: All produce served at Greensquare is locally farmed and/or organic. All meat and poultry are from animals raised humanely, antibiotic and hormone-free.





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