McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders

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Well, I had a nice and productive lunch! I researched schools for my little boy who’s old enough for NYC’s Universal Pre-K program in the fall. Pretty cool. While I did that, I enjoyed a delicious care-free lunch of Chicken Select Tenders from McDonald’s®.

#ChickenSelectsAreBack, #McDPartners, Chicken Select Tenders, McDonald's
Yes, that’s right… McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders have returned!

#ChickenSelectsAreBack, #McDPartners, Chicken Select Tenders, McDonald's
In 2013, I was bummed to see ’em go; but, like the glorious McRib (when is that coming back, btw?), McDonald’s® brought back their satisfying 100% real tenderloin strips of fresh chicken for fans like myself.

#ChickenSelectsAreBack, #McDPartners, Chicken Select Tenders, McDonald's
Chicken Select Tenders are available on their own… or as a combo.

#ChickenSelectsAreBack, #McDPartners, Chicken Select Tenders, McDonald's
I did the later on this afternoon, because I can’t resist an icy, cold Coca-Cola from McDonald’s®.

Department of Education Universal Pre-K
My tenders made for a tasty, care-free, lunch while I used my hour to focus on finding schools that best suit my son.

Surprisingly, this whole NYC Universal Pre-K admission process hasn’t been as scary as I thought it would be. The Department of Education did a nice job structuring it.

Will you be enrolling a child into the NYC Universal Pre-K system in the future? Try not to sweat it.

Here are three helpful tips that might save you a bit stress:

  1. The year your child turns four, mark your calendar for the first of February and the first of March.
    At the first of February, call the NYC Department of Education and discuss the process ahead of time. The folks at the DOE are really nice. Also, provide them with your address so you can find out if you’re zoned for a local Pre-K program. When I made this same call in February, I learned pretty much everything about the process… and felt more at ease leading up to the enrollment period. At the first of March, start keeping a daily eye on the DOE website for important information and dates involving the start of enrollment… which usually begins around mid-March and lasts until mid-April. In 2015, it started March 16th and lasted until April 24th.
  2. Don’t rush to submit your child’s application within the first couple days of Pre-K enrollment.
    It’s not first come, first served. The DOE wants parents to use the month-long period to gather information and research schools before submitting their child’s application.
  3. Don’t have time to tour all the schools with Pre-K programs in your district? Figure out which schools are the most important for you to visit by looking up their progress reports on the DOE website.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

McDonald's Chicken Selects with BBQ sauce #McDPartners #ChickenSelectsAreBack - 800px - 2

Good luck with Pre-K enrollment, and enjoy the return of McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders!

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